Vernon Water & Sewer Board was established in 1956 and serves over 3,000 customers throughout Lamar County.

Board Of Directors

Jeff Randolph– Chairman
Glenn Butler — Co-Chairman
James Rogers
Jane Burnett
James Morton


Sam Rogers — Manager
Tina Quinn– Office Manager
Larry Leonard — Chief Operator of Treatment Plant
Steven Merchant — Treatment Plant Operator
Bill Hollinger — Treatment Plant Operator
Greg Harrison — Treatment Plant Operator
Tony Perkins– Maintenance Crew
Leith Pennington– Maintenance Crew Foreman
Qwade Murff– Maintenance Crew
Jayson Latham — Maintenance Crew
Josh Hays — Maintenance Crew Foreman
Josh Lucas — Maintenance Crew
Phillip Glasgow — Maintenance Crew
Trina Suddith — Office Clerk
Tracy Merchant — Offlice Clerk
Tammy Bardon — Office Clerk